Accommodation Insurance

Insurance for Motels and Hotels

Owning a Motel or Hotel means assuming responsibility for the safety of your guests at all times and because of your contact with the public, not only do you have a legal liability to them, but your possessions and assets can be put in a vulnerable position.

As well as making sure the bricks & mortar and contents are adequately insured, moteliers hoteliers, owners and the like have the added responsibility of obtaining the right cover for their guests and employees.

Genesis's insurance team will assess your needs and tailor an insurance package to suit your circumstances, ensuring that you have the protection you need. With access to exclusive and competitive insurance markets, Genesis is well positioned to assist most hospitality proprietors, including the owners of premises with special requirements.

Genesis understands the various factors that can pose a threat to your hospitality business. Through detailed evaluation, we'll assess the requirements of your hotel on an individual basis, prescribing bespoke insurance and risk management solutions that really address the risks you face.

Our access to dependable insurance policies for hotels, tailored to the needs of your business, can protect you from suffering financial loss and give you support in some of the most difficult situations you can face.

We understand that you don't want to spend all your time looking after your insurance. You'd rather be looking after your guests, so why not let us take that burden off you?

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