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Vehicle thefts decline


The number of vehicles stolen last year declined 7% to 52,858, according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

The improvement was driven by a 15% fall in short-term “heavy and other vehicle” thefts.

By state, NSW motor vehicle thefts increased 3% to 12,216, ACT rose 41% to 1321, Victoria declined 22% to 15,332 and Queensland increased 10% to 11,125.

SA fell 14% to 2942, WA decreased 12% to 7643, NT dropped 10% to 981 and Tasmania increased 8% to 1298.

Victoria accounted for 38% of the short-term “passenger and light commercial vehicle” thefts, followed by NSW on 22%.

About 33% of profit-motivated theft involving passenger and light commercial vehicles occurred in Victoria.

The council defines profit-motivated theft as vehicles that are not recovered.