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Uber legal in Queensland as ride-share reform takes effect


Ride-sharing services such as Uber are legal in Queensland after a range of reforms began rolling out last week.

New regulations include identification signage rules, annual safety inspections and driver authorisations for taxis and ride-sharing services. All ride-booking vehicles must have compulsory third party (CTP) insurance.

The Queensland Government has cut red tape for the taxi and limousine industry, with a $100 million adjustment package.

The state cracked down on illegal ride-sharing services earlier this year, with legislation to impose tougher fines, but Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe says changing customer expectations highlight the need for reform.

“As a result of the reforms, Queenslanders will have a wider range of affordable travel options and the industry will benefit from less red tape and costs,” he said.

Industry participants will have a grace period until November 1 for some of the changes.

The Government says the Motor Accident Insurance Commission will next year review CTP insurance classes for booked hire services and taxis.

All states have now moved to legalise ride-sharing, following the lead of the ACT, which introduced regulations last year.

Uber is still banned in the NT, but that is set to change after voters ousted the Country Liberal Party in last month’s election. Newly elected Labor Chief Minister Michael Gunner said during the campaign ride-sharing will be legalised.