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Turkey coup attempt puts spotlight on travel cover


Travel insurers do not usually cover losses caused by army coups, the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) says.

It has urged Australian tourists affected by the failed military uprising in Turkey to check their policies.

“Each travel insurer has different terms and conditions,” CEO Rob Whelan said.

“Travellers should review their policy document to check its inclusions and exclusions, and contact their insurer if they have questions.

“The attempted coup doesn’t void travel insurance policies, and policyholders in Turkey will still be able to lodge claims for a wide range of losses that are unrelated to the uprising.”

Travel policies usually contain exclusions on claims arising from riots, wars, rebellions, civil unrest or military insurrections.

Turkey has been rocked by political instability as President Tayyip Erdogan orders a crackdown on suspected supporters of Friday’s failed coup.

18 July 2016