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TravelCard sends staff to Bali amid volcano eruption


An innovative insurance company has sent staff to Bali this week in an attempt to help its Australian customers who may have been affected by the Mt Agung volcano eruption.

TravelCard – dubbed the world’s first real-time travel insurer – sent two team members to Denpasar to assist policyholders and their travelling companions.

“They’re providing reassurance, comfort and assistance with face-to-face customer service, flight and hotel arrangements as well as facilitating emergency cash needs and card top-ups as required,” explained CEO Michael Tauber.

Tauber also told Insurance Business that the company proactively contacted customers as soon as Mt Agung erupted, reassuring them that they would be covered for any changes to flights or resulting accommodation fees.

“It’s letting them know that we care about them in their time of need, we’ve got their backs, they can rely upon us, and they are part of the family,” said Tauber.

While consumers usually only feel the benefit of insurance after an incident has taken place and the claims process in underway, Tauber said the instant support is extending the period of time in which a customer positively interacts with their policy.

“We believe, where appropriate, in contacting a broker’s client in the event of an emergency or to ensure their absolute satisfaction of our emergency assistance and real-time claims process prior to, during, and post their travel,” he said.

The approach, he added, should send a strong message to brokers that TravelCard is willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

“At a point of claim, it’s our time to shine – when we say we will treat brokers and their clients like our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, these are beyond words and we will put them into practice,” he said.

It’s not the first time TravelCard has put staff on the ground to help its customers – currently, the company is operating a temporary front office in Moscow as many of its clients are expected to attend the World Cup.

“Given there are thousands of Australian football fans in Russia for the World Cup, an event that carries a unique set of risks for travellers, we wanted to ensure that our members had another way to access immediate real-time support, if needed,” said Tauber.


Written by Nicola Middlemiss for Insurance Business Magazine