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Suncorp reveals most dangerous time to be on QLD roads


A Brisbane-based insurer has revealed which times road users are more likely to get injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland.

Based on Suncorp's analysis of nearly 4,000 compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance claims in Queensland from Sept. to Oct. 2017, the worst time and days for motor-vehicle accidents across the state were the afternoon and Tuesdays and Fridays, respectively.

Fridays are the most dangerous day for motor-vehicle accident injuries in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, while Tuesday is the worst day for QLD road users.

“Most injuries on our roads are happening at the start and end of the working week, when commuters are rushing to get home,” said Ashleigh Paterson, Suncorp spokesperson. “Friday afternoon is when people are often exhausted from the week and feeling impatient behind the wheel. Failing to give way on the road and tailgating are often a result of impatient driving and are contributing factors to many of these accidents.”

Findings showed that in Brisbane, 26% of all injury-causing accidents occurred during the afternoon peak. The rate is higher on the Gold Coast and in regional QLD, where 30% of road users reported some sort of injury from a crash during this time.

“A lot of the time it can come down to drivers being distracted and not paying attention to what’s around them,” Paterson said. “A split-second loss of concentration or misjudgement is all it takes to cause an accident that can lead to devastating long-term injuries or worse. It affects more than just the injured people; it affects families and whole communities”.

When it comes to severity of injuries, more than half of all injury claims in Queensland are minor, Suncorp said.



By Mina Martin for Insurance Business Magazine