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Australians leave the safety of their cars to chance - survey


Allianz Australia has urged vehicle owners to better protect their cars and valuables against theft, following new data which revealed that many Australians continue to leave the safety of their prized possessions up to chance.

“Australians are a car-loving nation, with more than 18.8 million vehicles on the road at last count. However, we also tend to be quite optimistic in nature and don’t like to think that something could go wrong with one of our prized possessions,” said Nick Adams, Allianz Australia chief market manager. “Unfortunately, Australians aren’t immune to the risks that come with owning and operating the cars we love and leaving valuables in the car can be a recipe for disaster.”

Allianz’s national survey revealed that 69% of Australians continue to ‘hide’ valuables in their car, either in the boot, under a seat, or beneath a blanket, while a further 29% regularly leave their car unlocked.

The insurer said that despite a 6% decline in theft leading to vehicle insurance claims over the past 12 months, the average cost of ‘theft from vehicle’ claims among Allianz consumers is still about $2,400.

“There are always a few easy steps you can take to protect yourself and your car – especially simple things like removing valuables from your vehicle, ensuring doors are locked, and always driving safely according to the road rules,” Adams said.

Written by Mina Martin for Insurance Business Magazine